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Jordi Gómez

glamour collides with nature

Based in Ibiza, Jordi Gómez is surrounded by some of the world’s most enigmatic and beautiful people, enveloped in a magical light from dawn ‘til dusk. Glamour collides with nature, hedonism, high end living and the world’s most exciting brands. Much of his work epitomises Ibiza’s sexy clash of colours and larger than life personalities, with show-stopping imagery drawing on global popular culture. Jordi Gómez mixes an arresting photographic cocktail of glamour, fun and sex-appeal, shooting fashion, advertising and lifestyle photography in his inimitable glossy way. Born in the sleepy village of Caldes de Montbui in 1978, Jordi Gómez has spent his time photographing the beauty and contrasts of the planet, With a camera as his partner he absorbed new influences translating into new points of view and new levels of style and creativity. He was chief photographer for the globally received Pacha Magazine, and moved seamlessly from social reportage to fashion, from architecture to interiors or from portrait to nature. It is the art world that seduces his senses fully. Jordi Gómez presents his work at art exhibitions around the globe, where his elegant and arresting creations are bought by appreciative clients, adding that special touch to their homes, hotels, restaurants and clubs.

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