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by fez

art is like jewelry on the wall

Let me introduce myself, my name is Fez and I am an artist in Luxurious Popart and contemporary art. My artworks have 2 things in common, crushed diamond (unique, because I ‘m the only one who uses it in artworks) and gold. After Mastering Art & Design and Philosophy of human nature, I wanted to tell a story with every art piece I make.

The world is my playground and my canvas can be a variety of materials. In the different artworks and sculptures I use unconventional materials and the final pieces are both luxurious and timeless. The use of 24K gold leaf and 14K gold-filled wire, ruby, sapphire & cut and crushed GASSAN diamonds, unveil my fascination for luxury and the hidden treasures in the human nature. All of the artworks are like different chapters of the same book. Working in-between layers of liquid gloss I create a surrealistic but mesmerizing story of lust, tradition and self-reflection.

Even though I think that the knowledge is power, values, traditions and culture are equally important to give the soul to an artpiece. My heritage goes from the East to the West and lies in three different continents. The world is my playground, where I am inspired and motivated to create pieces that will tell a story or maybe…  your story…

Gold and diamonds cross all barriers and they will keep their value no matter where you are in the world. Fez has and is exhibited in Galleries and exhibitions globally and also made it to the top ten of the All Women Art Contest (Global)

by fez​ - portfolio


nubian queen

buddha earth witness

Deze inhoud is beveiligd