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The Art of Interior offers the option to add a wooden frame to your artwork. Without a wooden frame, the artwork floats a little way from the wall. This gives a nice floating effect. But a wooden frame has its own possibilities that we would like to share with you.

Which theme appeals to you?

Robust painting effect

If you opt for an old master, a still life or if you have many natural elements in your own interior, for example, a wooden frame can give your artwork a nice robust painting effect. A frame can make the artwork stand out even more and resonate with the style of the interior for a beautifully balanced whole.

Acrylic glass artwork with wooden frame for a natural look

You can also opt for a wooden frame if you want to play with the look of the artwork. The theme and style of the artwork can be enhanced by the frame or the presentation and context of the artwork can be enhanced. Sometimes a frame provides just the finishing touch you are looking for so that the whole has a nice, coherent balance in your interior. A wooden frame is also often chosen if the room has natural elements such as a lot of wood. The wood of the frame has a subtle structure.

Custom plexiglass artwork

The frame comes standard in black, but a walnut color frame is also available on request. In addition to our standard sizes that you see on the website, we can also supply different sizes. So we can simply tailor the list to your needs. If you have any doubts about the size or with or without a frame, we can make a free preview of both options in your own interior so that you can be sure that you will receive the artwork according to your wishes.

Please feel free to contact us to let us know your wishes.

What materials are possible for wall art with a frame?

A wooden frame is possible for: plexiglass, matt plexiglass and dibond. Our artwork on acoustic felt comes with a black wooden frame as standard

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quality plexiglass

There are many varieties of plexiglass. We work with the best artificial Plexiglas(R). This ensures optimal clarity and cannot discolour or warp.