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Why an acoustic painting?

Acoustic photo art is stylish art with a function. This photo art offers both practical and visual benefits. Photo art on acoustic cloth can improve the acoustics in the interior because it is a sound-absorbing material. In addition to this practical element, it is an extremely aesthetic option for wall art on the wall.

Which theme appeals to you?

An acoustic artwork, what is it?

Invisible foam is incorporated inside the photo artwork on canvas. This ensures that the sounds that normally reflect in the interior are included in the artwork. This is ideal if you want to create more peace in the interior. In addition, photo art on acoustic canvas has a subtle structure, which gives a natural look to the artworks and the interior.

Photo art on acoustic canvas: a range of possibilities

We can print all artworks on acoustic canvas. If you are looking for a rustic look, a matte look, a quiet or classic style or perhaps a work of art with natural elements, then acoustic felt can be a solution. Acoustic artworks can add a unique touch to the photo artwork of your choice.

Where can you find acoustic art

In practice, acoustic art is used for all kinds of purposes. The aesthetic and practical advantages of photo art on acoustic canvas are therefore applied in all kinds of interiors. For example, we see these photo artworks used to improve the concentration of staff in the office or, for example, in the kitchen to reduce reverberation and add a stylish decorative element. But also, for example, if you are looking for a work of art with natural elements, or if there is a lot of reverberation in the living room and you want to improve the acoustic value. Another common motivation for photo art on acoustic felt is purely for the aesthetic value. It is a very nice sophisticated option for photo wall art.

Custom photo art on acoustic felt

In addition to the standard formats mentioned on the website, we offer the option of alternative formats on acoustic cloth. There is also the option to adjust the colors of your favorite artworks, for example if you want to match the colors to your own interior. Our wall art on acoustic canvas is available for our entire collection.

The acoustic artworks are supplied with a black wooden frame as standard. We can supply all sizes with the maximum dimensions 180×120 or 120×180. Please feel free to contact us with any questions or to request a quote.

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