The most popular material for our art which can be ordered directly via our website. This glossy material provides a luminous elegant look to your interior. Also large formats up to 300cm are possible.

from € 295,-

matte plexiglass 

Do you want a serene artwork, for example a still life or an old master? Do you have a classical interior or do you prefer no reflection? Then matte plexiglass is an excellent alternative. All artworks are available in this material!

from € 350,-


A matt look and extreme durability come together when you choose a print on Dibond. This type of metal is weather-resistant and an ideal alternative for outdoor use. Any artwork is available in this material!

from € 260,-

with wooden frame

The options without a frame have a floating effect on the wall due to the wall mounting system which is affixed behind the artwork. When you choose a wooden frame, your artwork will have a robust painting effect. Please contact us for the options!

extra cost from € 90

Round artwork

All artworks are also available as a circle shaped artwork on request. An interesting design idea can be for example, to hang several artworks asymmetrically. Each artwork is available in this material!

from € 260-

acoustic art panels

Acoustic art panels consist of our artwork printed on fabric that is glued to sound-absorbing material. This material is available in a maximum dimension of 160 x 230 cm! 

from €280-

Price RangeGlossMatDelivery timeDistance from the wallMaximum sizeWeightAcousticOutsideRound format
Plexiglas€€6 business days24mm200x300cm4.8kg/m2
Plexiglas matte€€€10 business days24mm200x300cm4.8kg/m2
Dibond6 business days20mm200x400cm3,8kg/m2
Acoustic fabric4 business days30mm160x230cm5kg/m2

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Quality & Safety

Hallmark Photo-art aims to protect consumers from online art galleries that mislead consumers by using professional terms, offer unlicensed work and deliver poor quality. For more information, please visit

quality plexiglass

There are many types of Plexiglas. We work with the best type of art Plexiglas(R). This ensures optimal clarity and cannot discolour or bend.