Wall art gives your living space a unique look

Complete your interior with wall art

Wall Art, also known as wall decoration, is the ultimate way to create a pleasant atmosphere in every room in your home. Choosing the right wall art will give the room a unique character. A beautiful nature photo can create a calming atmosphere in the bedroom, while an interesting portrait makes for an eye-catcher in the living room. Also in your office, showroom or other business space, wall decoration can provide the right professional ambiance.

Where can I purchase wall art?

Wall art comes in all shapes and sizes. Simple wall art is for sale at home furnishing shops such as Ikea. Luxurious and qualitative wall art is available at specialised interior design shops. The Art of Interior offers luxurious and top quality photo art and works with national and international top photographers. The difference in quality of the materials used becomes immediately apparent when you look at the artwork.


The Art of Interior offers a diverse collection of Wall Art with photos in different styles and sizes. The artworks of these photographers are of the highest image quality and are affixed behind high-quality 5mm Plexiglas. This ensures depth and more intense colours. The aluminium wall mounting system of our works of art creates a floating effect. All this ensures a luxurious presentation. Our collection changes regularly. Do you have something in mind, but you cannot find it in our current online collection? Then feel free to contact us. We can assist you in finding a suitable work of art for you.

Choosing the right wall art

Choosing the right wall decoration can be challenging. First of all, it is important to think about what you like, what the artwork should radiate and what suits your interior. You can choose a work of art that is completely in line with the rest of your interior or a work of art that stands out and attracts attention. In addition, the size of the wall art is important, as well as where it is to be put up in the room. Will you choose one large artwork of art or will you combine several small artworks? You can also choose a black or white frame around the wall art of your choice. Do you still have doubts about the format or which artwork to pick? We offer a free and non-committal photoshop service. When you tell us your preferences and send us a picture of the room where you want to put up your wall art, we will digitally design the artworks of your choice and size(s) in your interior. This way you will immediately know what the wall art will look in your interior. Did you find a nice work of art, but you prefer another format? We can customise your artwork up to the centimetre.

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Quality & security

Hallmark Photo Art aims to protect consumers from online art galleries that mislead consumers with trade terms, offer unlicensed work and provide unsound quality. For more information, visit www.keurmerkfotokunst.nl

plexiglass quality

There are many varieties of plexiglass. We work with the best variant art Plexiglas(R). It provides optimum clarity and cannot discolor or warp.