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Artworks in other colors, sizes or shapes

Do you have a specific color accent in your interior that you want to reflect in the artwork or do you prefer the work in black and white? Would you prefer a different size painting, a round shape plexiglass artwork or organic shape photo artwork? Let us know and we will design your artwork entirely according to your wishes.

Whether you opt for crystal clear glossy plexiglass for your living room or a print on dibond for your garden, we offer our entire collection in various designs. If you have any questions or would like a different size, please contact our interior stylists. In this article we explain what we offer per material; a world of possibilities!

Which theme appeals to you?

Custom made plexiglass painting

We can make your chosen plexiglass painting entirely according to your wishes. Do you want a different size than the usual 2:3 ratio or do you prefer an organic shape or do you want different colors? No problem, we will arrange it for you. You can also choose between our bestseller of glossy plexiglass photo art or a matte plexiglass painting. Matte plexiglass can be a solution if there is a lot of sunlight on the wall or if a calm appearance is desired. You can choose a frame for both matte and glossy plexiglass. You can also opt for a frame for a more classic painting effect. Without a frame it gives a chic effect because the artwork then floats slightly off the wall. The edges of our artworks are finished and polished.

Woman with butterflies on acoustic canvas

Custom acoustic photo art

In addition to our plexiglass photo art, we also offer acoustic paintings. In addition to a calm aesthetic value, this photo art on acoustic felt also has an acoustic value. We can also design acoustic cloth entirely according to your wishes. If you prefer a square artwork or a different ratio than the usual 2:3 option, we will arrange it for you! If you want the colors adjusted to, for example, sepia colors or a black and white option, that is also no problem. We can match the artwork with your interior colors!

Custom made dibond photo panel

Would you like an extremely durable work of art for outdoors, designed entirely according to your wishes? Then our strong weather-resistant photo art on dibond is a very good candidate. Would you like a different photo art size for this aluminum art option; For example, do you prefer an organic shape wall art or do you want other colors, for example brighter colors or sepia colors? Please feel free to contact us and we will create the artwork entirely according to your wishes. All sizes are also possible for photo art on dibond and a frame is optional.

Variant artwork: looking for a variant, different or similar artwork

Our art curator selects the best photo works of art. In some cases there are variations on the work or similar artwork that are not visible in our online collection. So please feel free to contact us if you are looking for a variation on an artwork from the collection or if you are looking for a similar photo artwork.

We can also search outside our online collection if the desired artwork is not in our online collection.

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Quality & security

The Photo Art Quality Mark aims to protect consumers against online art galleries that mislead consumers with technical terms, offer unlicensed work and deliver substandard quality. For more information, visit

quality plexiglass

There are many varieties of plexiglass. We work with the best artificial Plexiglas(R). This ensures optimal clarity and cannot discolour or warp.