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Are you looking for a unique wall decoration with a luxurious appearance of high quality? Then a luxury high end plexiglass painting by The Art of Interior is very suitable. By using plexiglass, also acrylic glass , the image is razor sharp and has a beautiful depth effect with luminous intense colours. Due to the dazzling print quality, the details are extremely visible and this art piece will definitely make a stunning impression on your wall.



The plexiglass material is durable and scratch-resistant,, allowing you to enjoy your luxury painting . Plexiglass is 30 times stronger than glass, lightweight, UV and weather resistant and also easy to keep clean. A photo or artwork of your choice is glued behind the plexiglass and therefore displayed with superior depth. This wall decoration will look great in your living room, bedroom, office or gallery. Choose a larger size for a impressive impact. You will be very pleasantly surprised with the result.


The Art of Interior continuously renews its collection with new original photo art series by leading photographers and artists. Originality, variation and a luxurious look are our key points. We collaborate together with leading interior designers, architects and interior shops in the higher segment. You can conveniently order your preferred plexiglass paintings online. View our entire exclusive collection of photo art here.


Buying art is a highly personal affair. At The Art of Interior you can find the most high end photo art of unique and modern quality and we offer tailored advice. We can customize your desired formats, shape and colours so the plexiglass painting fits perfectly in the space where you want it. We can also fit a frame for you. Please feel free to contact us via our contact form or our customer service on 085 401 0907. Welcome to The Art of Interior.

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Quality & security

The Photo Art Quality Mark aims to protect consumers against online art galleries that mislead consumers with technical terms, offer unlicensed work and deliver substandard quality. For more information, visit

quality plexiglass

There are many varieties of plexiglass. We work with the best artificial Plexiglas(R). This ensures optimal clarity and cannot discolour or warp.