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Organic shape contours artwork

The art of Interior also offers photo art in organic shapes. For example, a round painting, an oval painting or a painting in the shape of a hexagon. This unique wall art option is available in three different materials throughout our entire collection: glossy plexiglass, matte plexiglass and dibond painting.

Which theme appeals to you?

Why choose a round painting
or contour artwork

Sometimes the composition and design of an artwork is enhanced by a round painting or a contour artwork. In addition, the unique shape of a contour photo artwork can be an additional aesthetic element. Sometimes contour artworks serve a practical purpose, such as creating a unique presentation or increasing the visual impact of the organic artwork in the interior. A nice idea is to playfully hang several round artworks or oval plexiglass artworks by hanging them asymmetrically.

Organic photo art in practice?

A round painting or organic photo art can serve as a decorative piece, a statement piece or express a specific artistic vision. Contour artworks can therefore be suitable for many purposes

Matte contour artwork or glossy contour artwork

Our bestseller for contour photo art is our glossy plexiglass of museum quality, but if you have a lot of direct (sun) light on your artwork or you want a calm look, then either a contour dibond painting or a matte plexiglass contour artwork can be a solution. . A nice option for art in the garden is, for example, an organic shape photo art on dibond. This material is extremely durable and the matte effect is a solution for dimming sunlight reflection

Contour artwork custom made

Every design is possible with us. Do you want a specially designed custom contour artwork or round artwork? No problem. We can adapt the colors and shape completely to your interior. Every design is possible. The size can also be customized as desired. Contact us and we will create the contour photo artwork entirely according to your wishes

If you are in doubt between certain sizes or colors, we can also make a free preview in your interior for you

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Quality & security

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quality plexiglass

There are many varieties of plexiglass. We work with the best artificial Plexiglas(R). This ensures optimal clarity and cannot discolour or warp.