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Acoustic painting; a nice balance between aesthetics and functionality

In addition to photo art on plexiglass, The Art of Interior also specializes in acoustic paintings. This wall decoration on acoustic felt is not only aesthetically attractive, but also offers functional benefits by improving the acoustics in your interior, office and retail space.

Why choose photo art on acoustic felt?

Acoustic paintings are known as art with a function. The matte appearance of the felt gives a rustic appearance and is perfect for quiet styles and interiors with many natural elements. In addition to adding a beautiful visual element to your space, acoustic felt contributes to creating a more pleasant acoustic environment and helps reduce reverberation in the interior. As a wall decoration or painting, it is also a very unique and personal addition to your interior. All our artworks can be printed on acoustic felt.

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How does an acoustic painting work?

Thanks to a special internal felt, these paintings have sound-absorbing properties of up to 90%, ensuring better acoustic comfort in the room. Tiny invisible holes help absorb the sound in the felt. What format do you hear a difference in? This varies per room. As a rule of thumb, we use sound-absorbing materials for 20 – 30% of the floor space for a clearly audible difference. Curtains and rugs also play an important role, but acoustic paintings have better sound absorption. Good acoustics provide better sound, improved concentration and are good for your health through less fatigue.

Applications of acoustic paintings

Photo art on acoustic felt can be used in different spaces and applications. It can be used in offices, meeting rooms, restaurants, hotels, cinemas and at home in your living room or bedroom. Our acoustic paintings are custom made and can be adapted to your specific needs and wishes. It comes with a black wooden frame. You will receive a complete set that you can hang up immediately. The maximum size for acoustic felt is 180 x 120cm.


If you are interested in photo art on acoustic felt and how these stylish works of art can contribute to the aesthetic and practical value of your interior, please feel free to contact us. We are happy to advise you about the possibilities and how we can help you create a unique and aesthetically attractive acoustic felt.

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