Jaime Ibarra

conceptual photography

An all-rounder when it comes to art! He is a Flamenco guitarist, graphic designer, Photoshop expert and also an art photographer. Born in Spain, Jaime Ibarra enjoyed his formative years in Australia before ending up in Austin Texas. He started working in photography and after finding out that commercial work was not for him, he specialized in fine art photography. He also gives workshops and courses in Photoshop. A programme that he uses to create totally new worlds. Ibarra says he only focuses on the art and is not bothered about the sales. Only the creation counts for him. Jaime Ibarra's work is, according to himself, determined by his synesthesia. This is a blending of the senses, through which he hears colours, for example. In 'Woman with Butterflies' (one of his most famous works), Jaime Ibarra created a colourful fantasy photo of a woman surrounded by swaying butterflies. The models he works with often have a penetrating facial expression, with eyes that seem to look straight into the soul. In addition, his photography always has a certain degree of intensity and dynamism as a result of the posing that he chooses as an artist.

jaime ibarra - portfolio

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