Robert Peek

conceptual photography

George Orwell knew it. And Robert Peek knew it too: 1984 is decisive. And where Orwell had a depressing view of the world, Robert saw the beauty of the environment around him. So in that iconic year, he started his own photo studio in Rotterdam. While studying at the Royal Academy of Art, Robert developed a love of compositions with beautiful use of light. It became his trademark in successful advertising photography. From photography for advertisements to fashion stills and product photography. In Robert's career, more and more national and international clients find him. Companies like Yamaha, Coca-Cola, Mammoet, Big Green Egg and Inno Essentials. But also inspiring advertising agencies such as DLVS, Nijgh and Waal aan de Maas are knocking on Robert's doorstep. Robert's personal work focuses on the loneliness you find in deserted areas. But you just as easily come across it at busy locations in shops, restaurants or at markets. This results in lifelike images with a rawness that is sometimes experienced as melancholy. Especially when it comes to his portraits.

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