Oscar Munar

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Oscar Munar is born in the small Catalan town of Igualada, but photography took him around the world and so he followed his photography training in Scotland. To be precise at Napier University. Oscar Munar then started working for various modeling agencies, until he even got his own column at The Scotsman: a national newspaper from Edinburgh, Scotland. He has produced publications for GQ Spain, Pacha Magazine and Vogue UK and is expanding his repertoire. At the same time, he also makes stylish portraits for DJs and celebrities, such as Nervo, Carl Cox and Jordi Molla, and he is an art photographer. Ibiza, 'la Illa Blanca' (the White Island) is the current residence of this art photographer. The small Spanish island is the muse of Oscar Munar and his great inspiration. He passionately photographs the residents, the light and the culture and the island is both an object and a subject that constantly returns in his photographs. The collaboration with Cobra Art has led to the fact that his work is now in our collection and available for you. Take a closer look, because his photos are an experience.

oscar munar - portfolio

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